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Enter the discount code "wecricuthk" during checkout to enjoy a discount. 

Delivery will be made within 1-3 working days, with the possibility of next-day delivery.

Cricut Joy Everything Bundle [Member $2183]

Cricut Joy Everything Bundle [Member $2183]


HK Version

1 Year Local Warranty


Please register as member and fill the member questionnaire:


Whatsapp us if you not sure the above infomations


** Special offer **

(The original price : $80)




*(Participants will be given a material pack as well as a "4.5in x 6.25in Card Mat".)


(normally at $480)



Bundle included :




2. CRICUT JOY™ Smart Vinyl™ Sampler, Beachside – Permanent (2007121)


3. CRICUT JOY™ 12 pcs Insert Cards, Princess Sampler (2007259)


4. CRICUT JOY™ Starter Tool Kit (2007808)


5. CRICUT JOY™ Card Mat, 4.5" x 6.25" (2007809)


6. CRICUT JOY™  Transfer Tape(2007373)


7. CRICUT JOY™ 12 Insert Cards, Fingerpaint Sampler (2007260)


8. CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ 5.5"x24" White (2007201)


9.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ 5.5"x24" Gold (2007206)

10.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Iron-On™ Glitter, Silver (2007222)

11.CRICUT JOY™ Smart Vinyl™ Shimmer Silver – Permanent (2007144)

12.CRICUT JOY™ Tote Carrying Case (2007812)

13.CRICUT JOY™ Extra Fine Point Pens, 0.3 (Black)(2007088)


**If the package material is out of stock, it will replace by the same series material. 


*Discounted price do not apply to special payment methods such as Check / Delivery before Pay.

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