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Cricut Print-then-cut Calibration

When you see outright misalignment when doing a print-then-cut operation or calibration, you will need to check if there is a printer problem. Note that you may see worse mis-alignment than what is shown in the photo below.

We find that some computer-printer combination would produce a larger top margin (~4.5 cm) for print-then-cut sticker or calibration print-outs. A "normal" one would measure around 3 cm. The ones with a larger top margin would esult in gross mis-alignment while a normal 3 cm margin would enable you to complete the calibration and accurately cut the sticker outlines during subsequent make operations.

In our case, our printer (Brother HL-2375) is "compatible" with Windows machine and iPhone (iOS) while showing a large top margin with various MacBooks (macOS).

To solve this problem, simply put the CALIBRATION and STICKER print-outs a little higher (say 1 to 1.5 cm above the sticky area, i.e. above the top ruler on the mat). The top border is now higher (thus a small top margin). You can see that the Cricut cutter can now detect the top border before searching for other ones.


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