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Delivery will be made within 1-3 working days, with the possibility of next-day delivery.

Acrylic LED Light

Acrylic LED Light


Turn your most memorable moment into a unique piece of home decor that you can easily relive anytime. Using laser-cut acrylic sheets, we will create your desired shape and lines, paired with an LED light base to form an exquisite lamp. 


Perfect for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, or birthdays, paired with different photos.


Lamp size (acrylic part):

Maximum of 14x14 cm

Can be adjusted to a smaller size.


❤️Please provide a Vector line pattern (.ai / .svg)❤️

❤️If you need assistance in creating the design file, an additional $100 service fee will be charged❤️

❤️After order confirmation, production will take approximately 5 working days❤️

❤️Feel free to contact us anytime via Whatsapp for any inquiries❤️

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