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Chasing A Dream Tote Bags

Chasing A Dream Tote Bags


Licensed by Tsaoao Design


Did you know that rabbits often sleep with their eyes open? Sometimes we get lost in the moment chasing white rabbits, like Alice or Neo. Whether it is a lucid dream or a dreamy pursuit, may the Year of the Rabbit make your dreams come true.


Now in Tote Bag version!


You may add your own word in it by our customize service.



33x38cm (not including the handle)

  • Designer Info

    Tsaoao Design aspires to reintergrate traditional crafts into the digital age. These papercuttings were drawn and cut by hand, then digitised to be reproduced one-by-one using a Cricut blade-cutting machine. 

    Nicholas Tsao is a practicing architect in Hong Kong. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Nicholas was awarded the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award in 2015 and 2016. He currently lives in the historic Bluehouse, where he can contribute to community events and share his passion for traditional crafts.


    Website: Tsaoao Design


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