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Jesmonite Thixotrope AC100 Thickener

Jesmonite Thixotrope AC100 Thickener


Thixotrope is added to the AC100 / 200 / 300 mixture to thicken it to a 'Gel-Coat' consistency and to allow the viscosity of Jesmonite to be modified to the user's liking. This prevents the material from slumping when brushing or spraying it onto moulds with vertical faces.

It is possible to apply a controlled 1mm - 3mm layer of material without it running off the mould surface by adding Thixotrope. This also prevents glass reinforcements from showing at the face of laminated objects. Thixotrope can also be used to make the material into a paste, which can be used as a repair filler, and jointing paste for bonding two laminates together.

Thixotrope is added to the mixture after the base and liquid have been combined, and it is recommended to be used with a High Shear Mixing Blade. Drop by drop, until you reach the desired consistency. Typical weight inclusion rates range from 0.2%-0.6%, or 2g to 6g per kilo of mix.

Thixotrope is incompatible with AC730 or AC830.

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