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Orbit 1 Maker (High Current Version)

Orbit 1 Maker (High Current Version)


Smart Desktop Electroplater 
High Current Version for plating: Copper, Nickel


The set includes:
Machine x 1
Power Supply x 1
Power Cord x 1
Storage Beaker 5L x 1
Storage Beaker Cover x 1
Pump x 1
Magnet Rod x 1
Rack Set x 4
Replenisher Syringe Cover x 6
Stainless Steel Syringe Push Guard x 6
Anode Rack x 1 (for soluble anode)
Copper Wire x 1
Conductive Paint (50g) x 1
Copper Anode (~100g) x 4
Copper Replenisher A (50ml) x 1
Copper Replenisher B (50ml) x 1
Copper Ready-To-Use Solution (5L) x 1
1-year onsite warranty support

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