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Stellen - 20V Max Brushless DOER Supreme 9 Compact Toolshed Workstation

Stellen - 20V Max Brushless DOER Supreme 9 Compact Toolshed Workstation


DOER 20V_Max Li-Ion Cordless Combo Kit with handheld and benchtop tool functions. DOER Supreme 9 includes 21 Pieces: Hammer-drill/Driver, Jigsaw, Circular-saw, Worklight, Drill-press-post/table-saw-fence, Scroll-saw- guide, Table-saw-shield, Saws-protractor, Telescopic- handle, Table-saw-push-stick/Drill-press-lever, Post-Fence-Mount, Table Sander, Fast- charger, 1pc ONE(1)GRIP, 2pc Battery Packs (2.0Ah and 4.0Ah), Stainless-steel-armored-workshop-case-and- charger-dock, Telescopic Handle and Wheels, Drill Stand and Circuit Connector, Accessory-set-include-16-pieces- accessories, 2pc Accessory-boxes, and FoldaBag.

  • Product Info

    2-speed mechanical transmission and 18-position clutch with override feature handle's torque requirements for all applications allowing quick mode changes from drilling to driving. Shift to Hammer Drill mode to deliver up to 24,050 BPM for powerful concrete and masonry drilling performance. Attach to the over-molded ONE(1)Grip™️ for superior user comfort or mount to the Post of DOERworkCase for a Drill Press. 
        • Battery: 20 Volt_Max ​
        • Chuck: 13mm (1/2in.) Metal Sleeve

        • Max Torque: 60Nm​
        • Speed: 0-600 / 0-2000RPM ​
        • Thrust Pulverizing Motion: 0-7,150 / 0-24,050RPM​
        • Clutch: 16+T+1 Position.​
        • Soft start and Electronic Brake​
        • Maximum drill thickness: 2.5in (65mm) 6.5in. (165mm)

    The circular Saw features an upgrade to the depth of cut and motor torque. The aluminum sole plate is precision machined after casting to provide for a stable and precise cut. Quick-release fasteners allow for rapid changes to the depth of cut and cut angle without the need for additional tools. Attach to the over-molded ONE(1)Grip™ for superior user comfort or mount to the DOERworkCase for a portable Table Saw. ​
        • Battery: 20 Volt_Max​
        • Blade Size: 6-1/2in. (165mm), Arbor Size: 10mm)​
        • Speed: 4,500RPM (No Load Speed, Variable)​
        • Cut Depth: @90 ° 52mm (2.1in), @45 ° 38mm (1.5in)​
        • Bevel Cut Capacity: 0 ° - 45

    Different from your normal flashlight, the all-new DOER WorkLight with a flexible wand for infinitive angle adjustment. It allows hands-free-spot-lighting mode. When pulling up the head to Lantern mode, the WorkLight fills your space with smooth and consistent light. ​ Product Specification: 1.5W, 3.0W SOS: 3s, 2s 10s delay, direct cut-off, smart cut-off USB charging: 1.1A, mobile phone: if not self-charger, 500mA, or 300mA even lower.

        • Max. Drill Thickness: 2.5in. (65mm)
        • Chuck: 13mm (1/2in.) Metal Sleeve
        • RPM: 600 / 2,000 rpm
        • Battery: 20V_Max.

        • Max. Cut Thickness @ 0° : 2.25in (56mm)
        • Max. Cut Thickness. @45° : 1.75in (45mm)
        • RPM: 4400 rpm
        • Battery: 20 Volt_Max Li-Ion

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