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Clearing the cache files

If you're using an Apple Mac computer ( OS 10.15 or above ), please follow these steps:

1) From the Finder's top bar please press on Go then Home.

2) Kindly press on (command + shift + period) on your keyboard until you will see a greyed-out folder ".cricut-design-space" (make sure you're scrolling up or down after pressing to see if it appeared below or above)

3) Kindly drag the greyed-out design space folder to the trash.

4) You'll also find another greyed-out folder called Library (it needs to be greyed out as there are 2 folders with the name library). Open it, please.

5) Kindly open the folder Caches

6) Kindly search for 2 folders that start with the name ( and darg both to the trash.

7) Kindly empty your Trash from the Finder

8) Open design space and sign in, use the app as you normally do please.

If you're using a Windows 10 computer, please follow these steps:

1) Kindly close design space completely ( quit )

2) Kindly open "This PC" on your computer ( If you couldn't find it, please type it in the search bar below and press on "This Pc App"

3) Kindly press on "windows C" or "OC" whichever is showing for you ( any drive that says "C" please )

4) Kindly open the "Users" folder

5) Kindly open the folder which has your own username or that says "owner"

6) Kindly delete the "" folder please { this process is going to also automatically sign you out from it }

7) Kindly after the recycling window DISAPPEARS please try opening the design space again.

Now please create a new canvas on Design Space, and follow these steps:

Please follow the below steps in order to fully troubleshoot this:

1- Please attempt a print then cut calibration in a dark room.

2- Please ensure that there isn't a light directed at the machine such as a desk lamp or sunlight.

3- Kindly choose "Yes" when asked about the small square cut even if it's not yet perfect.


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