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Clearing the cache files

If you're using an Apple Mac computer ( OS 10.15 or above ), please follow these steps:

1) From the Finder's top bar please press on Go then Home.

2) Kindly press on (command + shift + period) on your keyboard until you will see a greyed-out folder ".cricut-design-space" (make sure you're scrolling up or down after pressing to see if it appeared below or above)

3) Kindly drag the greyed-out design space folder to the trash.

4) You'll also find another greyed-out folder called Library (it needs to be greyed out as there are 2 folders with the name library). Open it, please.

5) Kindly open the folder Caches

6) Kindly search for 2 folders that start with the name ( and darg both to the trash.

7) Kindly empty your Trash from the Finder