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Complete Re-installation of Cricut Software

First step would be for you to sign out of your Design Space and close it out. Then proceed to completely uninstall your Design Space app from your Mac.

2nd step would be for you to follow these instructions to clear the application cache. (You can skip to step 2)

1. Confirm Design Space for Desktop is closed.

2. Go to your spotlight and search: ~/.cricut-design-space and open that folder.

3. Open the LocalData folder.

4. Select all files within the LocalData folder and drag them to the Trash. Then empty the Trash. Make sure you don't have any important files in your trash first.

5. Go to to redownload it back to your Mac Desktop.

6. Sign into Design Space and go up to View in the top left corner and do a Force Reload.

Next step would be to go to your menu in Design Space and go to Update Firmware.

Once that has been updated, we do have one more update for you to do and that is a Forced Firmware Update.

Similar to the 1st update you completed but with a few more steps.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure your machine is connected via USB to a computer.

2. Log into Design Space, and have your machine turned on.

3. Hold down the power button, and the mat loading button (double arrow button) at the same time, until the power

light becomes red. Then release.

4. Go to your menu bar at the top left of Design Space and select the Update Firmware.

5. Follow the prompts to update until finished.


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