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Doing FPS from a Payme Account

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Sprintec accepts FPS.

Its FPS address is (Mobile Number) 52167519.

One can FPS to us from a Payme account.

Just change Payment means from "Pay via WhatsApp" to "FPS".

Details are as follows:

1. [Pay a friend]

2. Search for a friend's number (Sprintec's FPS address: 52167519) and tap on it.

3. Select Payment Method. First tap on the drop-down list displaying "Pay via WhatsApp". Then in the pop-up box, choose "FPS"

4. You should see the FPS logo and our shortened company name "SPRINTEC A***" on the screen. Enter payment amount and tap [Next]

5. Here, please enter "invoice number" or" quotation number" or a short description of the order (e.g. "Maker 3", "Vinyls", "Cricut Orders"…).

Then tap [Pay a friend] to proceed with payment.



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