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Free High-Quality Image Resources: 7 Websites for You

For those creating stickers and in need of high-quality illustrations, in addition to the built-in databases of Cricut and Silhouette, you can also refer to the following websites:

1. Unsplash:

- Offers beautiful and high-quality free images without the need for payment or registration.

- Can be used for personal or commercial projects without attribution.

- The website's images cover a variety of themes, suitable for building a brand image.

2. Irasutoya:

- A gallery website operated by illustrator Takashi Mifune.

- Provides free, open-access graphic pattern illustrations.

- Can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without citing the source.

3. irasuton:

- Offers free Japanese hand-drawn illustrations, including subjects like people, animals, food, flowers, etc.

- Black and white line art files are also available for use.


- A Japanese free stock photo website that offers images taken from an Eastern perspective.

- Commercial use is OK, unrestricted, high-quality photos.

5. Pixabay:

- More than 4.4 million free high-definition photos and video materials.

- Free for commercial use, no attribution required.

6. Burst:

- A free photo material website provided by Shopify.

- Commercial use is OK, high-resolution images.

7. Photock:

- Offers over 5000 free high-resolution Japanese image materials.

- Commercial use is allowed based on CC0 license, no attribution required.

- Images include landscapes, architecture, night views, etc., from places like Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, and more.

These resources will be helpful for your blog, making it easier for your customers to find suitable images! 📸


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