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Silhouette Portrait 4 Unboxing ! : Your New Creative Companion

Hello everyone, we at Sprintec Asia have some exciting news to share with you today!

We've introduced a new brand—Silhouette.

And the first product we're unboxing for you is the Silhouette Portrait 4!

This machine is more than just a cutter; it can help turn your crafting and design dreams into reality.

Let's take a look at its magical features!

The package includes a power adapter, blade, cutting mat, Powertool accessories, and more...

You don't even need a cutting mat!

The most impressive aspect of the Silhouette Portrait 4 is its innovative cutting technology. Traditionally, cutting materials with backing paper required a sticky cutting mat, but not with the Portrait 4!

Whether it's die-cut colored registration stickers or flexible vinyl or heat transfer film, the Portrait 4 can handle it all without the need for an additional cutting mat.

Electrostatic Cutting Mat: Durable and Reliable

Of course, if you need to cut standard cardstock, the Portrait 4 also comes with an electrostatic cutting mat for you. This type of mat is not only reusable many times over but also maintains optimal cutting performance for a long time, ensuring precision in every creation.

(The electrostatic cutting mat for Hong Kong stock will be arriving soon, so stay tuned!)

Compact and Portable

The design of the Portrait 4 is compact, yet it can still cut up to A4 size stickers, making it incredibly convenient for you to create anywhere, anytime. It's the perfect companion for your creativity, or even as a travel buddy to keep your creative juices flowing.


The Silhouette Portrait 4 is not just a cutting machine; it's a whole new platform for creativity. Whether you're a crafting enthusiast or a professional designer, the Portrait 4 will become your trusted assistant. Contact us via Whatsapp to book an appointment at Sprintec Asia and experience this new creative partner for yourself!


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