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The Making of the Mooncakes - Testing with Mayku

We have new products from Mayku, and we are just in time to test them by making some mooncake molds.

Using our logos, I design these mooncakes and will make molds with Mayku Formbox.

I have created some very small air holes on the model, which would allow significantly better air flow through the template and therefore better detail and vacuum pull.

For the first mold, we use Cast Sheet. The Sprintec mooncake mold looks great, but I am not too happy about the STEAMaker one. Need to work on the model again to make the details pop. Both came off the mold with little resistance, and the mold is tough so no need to be too careful with them.

The mooncake came out of the mold rather easily. A few knocks and they fell right off. For the first batch, the subtle details are lost during baking. They definitely would read better for harder materials like chocolate.

We try a few more times, testing with different designs, per the suggestions from Mayku and an experienced engineer. The new Pro Mesh was also used as an upgrade the standard mesh bed to get smoother edges for the molds. Finally, we get some satisfactory results.

You can check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram down below, as well as our Youtube video.

Thank you Mayku for sponsoring this post.

If you are interested in the products we used, you may find the m through the links down below.


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