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Cricut Oil-based Markers (Updated)

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

(Updated: adaptors for using these Joy markers in Maker/Explore now available!)

People have been asking if there are any Cricut permanent markers for writing/drawing on the vinyls. Cricut has released a few oil-based markers for their Cricut Joy machine. We have tried them and compared to the permanent metallic marker (water-based) regarding water resistance performance.

The Trial


Oil-based Permanent Makers -

Step 1: draw a heart shape using the red marker

Step 2: write a letter using the black marker

Step 3: cut the heart shape white vinyl sticker

(2x speed)

Similarly for the Water-based Permanent Metallic Markers -

Step 1: gold marker

Step 2: silver marker

Step 3: same as above

We then placed the two heart shape vinyls on a card stock and carry out smudge tests using dry and wet tissue paper.

Smudge Test

Test 1 wipping the drawing/writing with dry tissue paper

Test 2 wiping the vinyl surface with water and tissue paper

The Result

Before wipping with tissue paper (the bottom vinyl drawn using water-based permanent metallic markers was already showing some smudging while placing the sticker on the card stock)

After wipping with dry and wet tissue paper, the smudging on the bottom vinyl is evident (water based markers) while there is no apparent smudging on the top one (oil-based markers)

So, most of the Cricut markers and pens are water based and are NOT water-resistant (even if they are said to be "permanent"). The new markers (only for Cricut Joy at the time of writing) specified "oil-based" are checked to be water resistant and can be used for drawing directly on vinyl surfaces without the need for post processing.

Adaptor for using Cricut Joy Markers/Pens in Maker/Explore machines

Maker/Explore users can now use those markers or pens originally made for Cricut Joy in their machines. We have designed an adaptor for this purpose. These adaptors are 3D printed and can be obtained here.


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